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My guaranteed satisfaction through hypnotherapy.

My Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

Legally and ethically no doctor nor therapist can ever guarantee that you’ll be absolutely healed 100% but here’s what I do guarantee …

I guarantee that I will match your willingness 100%. If you come to me absolutely committed to healing I’ll work tirelessly until I know that you’ve got everything you need. I guarantee that I won’t emerge you from trance until both your superconscious mind and you conscious mind tell me clearly that you’re totally satisfied with your session.

It’s essential for me that I follow up with every client. I’ll check-in with you the next day, I’ll check in with you after a week, a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year … to make certain that you’re doing well and that your issues don’t resurface. If, by any chance they do – I’ll take responsibility in helping you more.

This might sound crazy but, once we’ve worked together on an issue I don’t expect to ever see you again for that issue. What really does matter to me is that you have a great experience, that you update me on how your life has improved and that perhaps you’ll introduce me to more clients I can help in the future. 

For me, waking up every day to positive testimonials, knowing how much I can help others is why I do what I do.

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A Free Gift of Happiness, Optimism and Refreshing Sleep

Condition your body to optimise your serotonin levels, to bring you happiness and optimism.

Regulate your melotonin for an optimal night’s sleep. 

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Listen at the end of the day to get a great nights sleep and wake up feeling amazing.

The more you listen, the stronger your experience will be. … as you you train your mind to energise and refresh you every night you’ll find yourself simply feeling more positive, more energised and more enthusiastic every day!