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Speciality Services

Holistic Hypnotherapy

Holistic hypnotherapy addresses your issues on multiple levels, usually in a single session. It’s very different from traditional hypnotherapy in that we work on addressing the root-cause of any issue so it never returns. We work to heal you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This is a deep level of trance and, where appropriate, we include, regressions, inner-child healing and parts integration. I also offer closed-content sessions where you don’t need to tell me your problem or your experiences if you so choose.

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PTSD & Traumas

I have trained to specialise in PTSD treatment and I practice a proven 6-session protocol that has a success rate of over 95% This protocol is based on practices developed with military veterans and has, more recently been used with first responders, medical workers and victims of abuse. I offer closed-content session for clients who don’t wish to share any information with me and I am also pioneering group online sessions to ensure that everybody who needs it can afford this healing opportunity.

Men’s Wellbeing

I am especially passionate about working with men based on my own experiences. I know myself that when times were tough I acted as if I was doing OK. This stopped me from asking for help and in receiving it. I offer a 6-session package that is custom-built for your specific needs. I combine hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching to help you with any issues you may have. These may include; stress from work, domestic abuse, financial issues, divorce and separation, prison, parenting, sexual issues, dating, depression, addictions and issues relating to confidence.

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Healing from Relationships

I know how crippling a breakup can be and it may come when you’re least prepared and least expecting it. I have suffered from the effects of trauma-bonding and toxic relationships. I offer a tailor-made 6-session package which looks at getting you functional again, healing your immediate grief, removing triggers, and then the longer-term heal of loving yourself and attracting healthier relationships in the future.

Trans-Generational Trauma Therapy

I am very proud to be one of only three practitioners worldwide certified in “The Loveday Method”. This spiritual package allows you to explore your ancestral line where the traumas of your ancestors may have been carried through to your current life. I take clients on journeys that can only be described as magical and incredibly healing. I specialise in working with clients who’s family may have lived through the Holocaust, or life-changing wars or uprisings but this therapy works with everybody, even if you know very little of your family’s past.

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A man and woman engaged in a spiritual hypnotherapy session, standing next to each other.

After-Life Connection

Losing a loved one is often painful. You may have questions that went unanswered or things you meant to say, but never did. This is a service I offer that can bring profound relief, reassurance and healing to clients who need it.

Spiritual Journey Work

This is perhaps the most comprehensive spiritual journey available by any hypnotherapist. I offer a comprehensive 16-session package that guides you to undertake your own spiritual journeys independently, without the need to spend years meditating. This 1-on-1 personalised package begins with; teaching you self-hypnosis, introducing you to your spirit guide, healing of yourself and others, reading your own Akashic records, past lives and exploring alternative dimensions. This package requires discipline, homework and dedication.

A spiritual man sitting on top of a mountain, in a state of deep hypnosis, gazing at the sun.
A man standing near a directional sign, pondering which path to take for his spiritual journey.

Past-Life & Between-Life Regression

Past-Life regression can bring about profound insights into current-life problems. It can explain illnesses, phobias and emotional connections which defy any other explanation – and it can be used as a means of healing emotionally and physically too. Great learnings can also be had from Between-Life Regression where you’ll have the opportunity to see multiple lives in perspective and gain answers to your most important questions.
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